Lord Shrihari (Vishnu ji) He is the follower of the universe. Srihari is responsible for the upkeep of all creatures of the world. It is mentioned in the Bhagavad Gita that whenever sin increases on earth, Shrihari will incarnate to destroy it. According to Garuda Puran, till now Srihari has taken 9 incarnations on earth. While information of 10 incarnations of Srihari is described in some mythological texts. Among these, one is the Kurmi, the Kachhap avatar of Srihari on the full moon day of Vaishakh month. This year, Kurmi Jayanti will be celebrated on Wednesday, 26 May 2021. Come, know what is the story of the Kachhap avatar of Srihari? Learn more about what the various mythological texts say.

Why did Srihari have to take a Kachhap avatar?

Once due to some reason in heaven, Maharishi Durvasa Muni became angry with King Indra. He cursed Indra to be insignificant. The powers of Indra and all the gods disappeared as soon as they became Shriless. Indra and all the gods got worried by this. Because the demons will know this, then they will snatch heaven from Indra. Indra and all the gods reached Shrihari. Srihari understood. He advised Indra to churn the ocean and said that he would do whatever help was needed from him. But for the churning of the sea, it was necessary to have demons with the gods. When the demons heard of the elixir urn coming out, they were ready immediately. Srihari prepared Nagraj Vasuki to be the neti (rope) for the ocean-churning. Now on the orders of Srihari, Dev and the demon uprooted the Mandarachal mountain. But the mountain was so heavy that Dev and the demon could not bring it to the sea. Then Srihari incarnated a giant tortoise. He took the Mandarachal mountain on his back in the middle of the sea, and thus the Mandarachal mountain on the back of Srihari completed the work of sea-churning with the help of Nagaraj Vasuki, and drinking the nectar from it and losing all the gods with Indra. The power returned.

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Various beliefs regarding the Koormi avatar!

Different mythological texts narrate the different stories of the Koram avatar of Srihari. It is mentioned in the Linga Purana that when the Earth started sinking into the abyss, Srihari saved the Earth from being destroyed by taking a Kachhap avatar. At the same time, it is mentioned in the Padma Purana that when the Mandarachal mountain started sinking in the sea foothills during the sea churning, Srihari gave balance to the Mandarachal mountain by taking a Kachhap avatar. According to the Kurm Purana, Shrihari took the Kachhap avatar so that he could give knowledge of the four goals of life namely, Dharma, Kama and Moksha to the sages and saints. In Narasimha and Bhagavad Purana, the Koorma avatar is considered as the 10th incarnation of Srihari, while in some places the Kurmi i.e. the Kachhap avatar is described as the second or third incarnation. That is why Srihari is also called Dasavatar.

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