Shani Jayanti 2021: When is Shani Jayanti?  Know fasting, worship method and Muhurta!  Why do special rituals in Shani temple!

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Shani Jayanti is considered a very auspicious day in Sanatan Dharma. It is believed that by celebrating Shani Jayanti with full devotion and faith, one gets freedom from the bad effects of Shani, and brings happiness in life. According to the Hindi calendar, every year Shani Jayanti is celebrated on the day of Jyeshtha Amavasya. This year Shani Jayanti will be celebrated on 10th June. This day is also known as Shani Amavasya. Religious belief is that Shani Dev, the god of justice, was born on the day of Jyeshtha Amavasya. Since the day of Jyeshtha Amavasya is the most favorable day for the peace of Shani-dosh. That is why to get rid of Shani’s problems like Sade Sati or Adhaiya, worship and rituals of Shani Dev should be done on this day.

Shani Dev, who is called ‘Karmafal Giver’ or ‘Dandadhikari’ in Hindu scriptures, and who is popular for his justice, can become a king by a mere ‘vision’ of him. This day has special significance for the people having Saturn’s Sade Sati, Adhaiya etc. It is believed that Saturn is the ruler of the 10th and 11th zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius. Saturn stays in this zodiac for about 18 months. The period of Mahadasha of Saturn is of 19 years. In between this Mahadasha, the antardasha of all the Navagrahas keeps on coming and going. According to popular beliefs, Shani is considered to be cruel and giver of sinful deeds and inauspicious results. But this is not true, because Shani is the god of justice, and the god who gives fruits according to the actions. They give bad punishment for bad deeds and good results for good deeds.

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Auspicious date and time

Amavasya starts: 13.57 pm (9 June 2021)

Amavasya ends: till 04.21 pm (10 June 2021)

Perform rituals like this on Shani Jayanti

To worship Shani Dev, on the day of Shani Jayanti, after bathing and donating before sunrise, install an iron idol of Shani Dev with folded hands in front of the Navagrahas. The idol should be bathed with mustard or sesame oil and while worshiping with Shodashopachar method, the mantra ‘Om Shanishcharaya Namah’ should be chanted. Note here that in order to reduce the dosha of Sade Sati or Adhaiya, the person should get the ritual done in Shani temple, because any kind of mistake in worshiping Shani Dev can have a bad effect on the person. Before starting the worship, the person should bathe Lord Shani with water, oil, Gangajal and Panchamrit after cleaning the womb of Shani Dev. Now a learned Brahmin should get the rituals done for Shani Dev. After worship, it is necessary to donate mustard oil, sesame and black clothes in the name of Shani Dev. Food should be taken only after this.

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Benefits of fasting Lord Shani

The person who observes fast on the day of Shani Jayanti, and gets the rituals done, his enemies are destroyed by the glory of Lord Shani and he gets victory in every field. Shani Dev protects you from evil and negative forces. By worshiping Lord Shani, one gets saved from the negative effects of the planet Shani. Shani Dev also brings happiness and peace in life by getting rid of debts and loans.

note- All the information given in this article has been written for informational purpose on the basis of prevailing beliefs and is the personal opinion of the author. We make no guarantees about its accuracy, accuracy or specific results. Everyone’s thinking and opinion about this can be different.

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