When the mother is corona positive, then take care of the newborn


In the current era, Kovid-19 is affecting the lives of people on many levels. General rules to prevent infection are told so much by the government through various media that people have got enough information about it, but there are some special situations that most people get confused about. Huh. For example, during this time, women who become mothers often have a dilemma about how safe breast feeding is for their baby. What to do especially when the mother is corona positive? During this period, what should mothers keep in mind.

1. Before feeding, wash your hands and breasts with soap and dry them with disposable tissue wipes or clean towels.

2. If the mother is corona positive, then keep in mind that the baby comes to the mother only for taking feed, any other family member will have to bear the responsibility for other tasks related to her care, which is not infected.

3. The person of the family who takes the baby to the mother should also wear gloves and face shield mask.

The mother should also wear gloves and masks while feeding.

4. It is always safe to sit and feed. On lying down, there is difficulty in changing the position of the baby, for this, the mother has to move closer to her and she can get infection due to contact with breath.

5. Even if the mother is perfectly healthy, she should protect herself from cough and cold during the lactation period. For this, drink lukewarm water, gargle and avoid the consumption of cold things.

6. If the mother’s physical condition is so weak that she is not able to feed herself, then under normal conditions, milk is given to the infant with the help of breast pump, but it is not safe to use at present.

7. If the mother has cough, cold or fever, it is better to give canned or cow milk to the baby as the cough droplets can infect the baby, but in this case, before taking any decision, consult the doctor. Take it.

8. While feeding the baby, the mother should always wear washed clothes, if this is not possible, for this work keep two feeding gowns separately and immediately after feeding, wash and dry them in the sun.

9. Every mother wants to give her baby a hug, but if she is covid positive, she can feed the baby with safety rules, but in order to prevent infection, the mother should keep her face away from the baby.