Why do boys like girls of short stature?

Girl of low height (photo credit: pixabay)

It is observed among most romantic couples that girls are relatively lower in stature than boys, and this fact is proved to be true by a report of a University of North Texas survey conducted a few days ago. According to what was revealed in this report, majority of the men are more emotionally attached to women of less stature than girls who are equal or larger than themselves. They consider girls of low stature to be worthy in every way. Let us know what the basic facts can be behind this.

Easy to hear heart beats

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If your girlfriend or wife is shorter than you, her head touches your chest while hugging, so that she listens easily to your heartbeat, she feels your urge towards her and reacts the same. , Whenever you put a hand in their waist, they like to do this to you.

* Looks cute and takes special care.

Girls of short stature look very cute. Such girls feel caring and self-respecting towards you. Your pair gets in the eyes of people very quickly. Some people believe that boys are very romantic towards girls of low stature.

Are relatively romantic


Reports following Texas research show that women of lower stature tend to be more romantic in nature. Such women try to keep their partner as happy as possible. She makes every effort to get your love. She can do anything for this. ALSO READ: Mother waking up to sleep with a sleeping elephant in deep sleep, guard helped such an elephant (Watch Viral Video)

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They like to kiss

It is easy and enjoyable for a man to kiss girls of short stature. When a girl of short stature tries to kiss her lover by standing on her heels, it is not easy for a man to express this feeling or pleasure.

Age not known

It is difficult to realize the age of girls of short stature. She looks younger than her boyfriend or husband. Some actions of these small girls are very enjoyable. There is innocence in every of his antics, which is pleasing to everyone.

Is more intimate

Girls of short stature take more pride in introducing their husband or lover to someone. When the girl is uncomfortable in some tasks due to the short height, and the man helps her, the girl is very happy, so she cares more for the man. Rajesh Srivastava

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