Women should never wash their hair at this time even by mistake, this can be a big loss


If you also wash your hair before sleeping at night, then you will be happy after reading this news. Anyway, in these cold days most of the girls like to wash their hair at night. It is convenient to do this, but you will be happy to know that it is not only convenient to wash hair at night but it also keeps hair good.

The head remains cool when the hair is wet at night. At night your body remains warm, but the head remains cool due to wet hair which can cause colds. When they dry after washing the morning hair, it looks scattered and quite dry but at night the hair washers There is no such problem with. Natural oil is released from the scalps after washing the hair.

Sleeping after washing hair breaks hair, because when wet, the hair gets cuticle due to which the hair fall is more. After washing the hair at night when you go to sleep without straightening it, the hair gets up in the morning. They get more tangled and then the comb breaks the hair. Washing your hair at night also spoils hair texture.



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