Yellow is a substance that has been mixed in the food and consciousness of our ancestors since time immemorial. They have taken its specialties in our Ayurveda.

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“Yellow Day” has recently been celebrated to add to the glory of this yellow. Ayurvedic doctors have said that turmeric has such glories and its medicinal properties.

Read on to know about the medical benefits of this turmeric: –

* For those who have nasal congestion, fainting and yellowing of the smoke in the nose will be clear

* For hot flashes, swelling around the fingers, etc., grind turmeric and mix it with flour, heat it and apply it on the affected areas.

* Take equal amount of turmeric and mistletoe and grind it and apply it on the affected area to cure measles blisters and sores. Grind turmeric and apply at night on the affected area like scabies, ulcers or tumors. If there are lumps, the repair will break down after two or three days of application. Then they are cured to continue the appropriate treatment.

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* Yellow, which is accepted as food, reduces the pain by removing the mucus blockage in the throat, chest and stomach. Relieves nausea and ulcers of the mouth, tongue, throat, esophagus, palate, etc. Stimulates the stomach, intestines, etc. and stimulates appetite and digestion. In the gut the worm expels the germ without staying. Turmeric is used in all foods because of its good quality.

* Distillation of turmeric powder in milk cures sore throat, heartburn and stomach upset. If you rinse your mouth with hot water mixed with turmeric, the sore throat will heal and the mucus will break out easily.

* Grind turmeric and apply as a top coat for skin discoloration caused by cockroaches, scabies and scabies. Grind the turmeric into powder and bake to reduce swelling.

Add rice flour with turmeric and grind it into a paste along with turmeric or put it on top of the lumps and it will break down.

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