You might not even know this benefit of onion till now


Onion is used naturally to treat a myriad of diseases and its use also relieves your ear pain. Earache is the cause of infection, and it is a very good natural antibiotic for it which is also found in your kitchen. Anti-antibiotic properties and phosphoric acid inside the onion can clean your ears. This is a cheap and easy solution. It does not harm you, but the smell of onion will disturb you all night.

Two ways to get relief from ear pain-

  • If you have pain in your ears too, first of all take onion, and cut a small piece of it, then put it in your ear.
  • For the other way, you remove the amount of an onion and put it in the ear at night, you will see that by doing this your ear pain will disappear in the morning.

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