You will be unaware of these benefits of consuming fennel


Black colored nigella is used extensively in Ayurveda to make many medicines. We use nigella in many ways. Such as seeds of nigella seeds, nigella oil etc. But do you know how much nigella can be beneficial for our health. Let us tell you about the benefits of nigella…

Beneficial in joint pain

Massaging with fennel oil will completely disappear your joints, knees, headaches, back pain and muscle aches.

Indigestion problem

If the digestion is bad, eat fennel. Your digestion will recover in 2 minutes. Apart from this, taking fennel daily, kills stomach worms completely.

Heart disease prevention

Taking 1 teaspoon of oil and milk daily in nigella seeds also reduces the chances of getting a heart attack.

Provide relief in inflammation

To reduce any type of inflammation in the body, apply a paste of nigella seeds. The swelling will disappear completely in a few minutes.

Beneficial in diabetes

Consuming it regularly is very beneficial for diabetic patients. With this, sugar remains completely under control.

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