You will get fair-skinned skin with these home remedies


Today everyone wants fair and glowing skin, but nowadays our skin gets spoiled due to pollution and we try many chemical products and many ayurvedic remedies but they also do not improve our skin due to any reason so we have some home remedies Should be tried so that our skin will be blotted without damage.

Let us know such miraculous tips that turn our skin into just a few days.

Firstly you steam the face with warm water so that the dirt inside the face comes out completely and after 5 minutes steam the face clean the face with cold water.

Now soak the rice and make a paste in the mixer and mix it with tomato juice and then massage it on the face for 5 minutes and then wash the face with clean water.

Now make a mixture by mixing lemon juice and honey in tomato juice and keep it for 15 minutes to dry and after drying wash face with cold water and use a good cream.

You can get blondness by using this method for a few days and your skin will also be healthy and your facial spots, acne will also completely disappear.

You can also drink tomato juice. You have to drink maximum water, to get your smooth and pimple free skin and always keep your skin protected from the sun as it can harm our skin.

Prepare a mixture by mixing coconut oil, lemon juice and salt and apply it on the face and massage with light hands for 5 minutes and apply cream after washing face with cold water.

These methods are very effective, by using them you can get fair skin with bright and blemish spots in a very short time. Only with these methods you have to take special care of the skin so that you can get blond in a short time


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