You will get relief from foot pain, adopt this easy remedy


In winter, people often complain of pain and cramps in the legs. In such a situation, they resort to medicines to get rest, but if you wish, you can easily get rid of the pain and cramps of your feet with the help of some very easy remedies. So let’s know about those measures-

  1. People often reduce their water intake in winter, due to which there is a possibility of spasms in your feet. Therefore, despite changing weather, maintain the level of water in your body.
  2. Sometimes, pain, cramps and stiffness can occur due to some medicines. Therefore, instead of becoming a doctor yourself, take any kind of medicine on the advice of a doctor.
  3. In winter, you must do stretching exercises after waking up in the morning. This exercise is necessary for better health of your muscles.
  4. If there is pain, stiffness or cramps in your feet as soon as you wake up after sleeping, then you should emphasize where the pain is after standing upright. You will see that your pain has disappeared.
  5. Apart from this, the friction of feet in lukewarm water also gives you great relief from pain.

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