Your hair will turn from white to black in just 7 days, follow this home recipe


Sometimes old age starts to appear in youth. Actually, hair starts turning white since the age of thirty. It would not be wrong to say here that untimely white hair has become a major problem. But this problem is not incurable. White hair can be blackened. There are some home remedies, by which its effect starts to appear in a few days. These are very effective tips. If one of the remedies given here is also taken, then the hair can turn black in just one week.


  • Regular use of Indian gooseberry provides relief from the problem of white hair. Add amla not only in the diet, but mix it in henna and keep conditioning the hair with its solution. If desired, finely chop the gooseberry and mix it in hot coconut oil and apply it on the head. Then see the magic of Amla.
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  • If you are struggling with white hair, then use black tea and coffee. If you wash the white hair with black tea or coffee extract, then your white hair will start turning black again. You must do this once in two days.
  • Applying aloe vera gel on the hair also stops hair fall and white. For this, make a paste by making lemon juice in aloe vera gel and apply this paste on your hair.
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