Kumkum Bhagya 16th Mar 2021 Written Update (16th March 2021)


Telly Updates presenting Latest Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2021 Episode Written Update. Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2021 (16/03/2021) Complete Episode Written Update.

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Today’s Written Update: Kumkum Bhagya 16th March 2021 Written Update with Vikram feels bad thinking about Abhi and he asks Alia why he doesn’t treat Abhi well, as he is her brother. He remembers the actor saying that Alia is stubborn and Raj calls her insane. He asks why did you scare him with a stick and beat him? He treats her like Gayatri. Alia says they will not interfere because they will become relatives, they say this is how they come under control. He tells Rhea that he needs to talk to her. Raj asks Mithali to give the file. Mithali rebuked the servants. Pallavi asks Grandma, why is she laughing? Grandma says she is happy and knows that the angel has come here, now Abhi is in safe hands. Everyone sees. Vikram gets a call from a client and says he is coming for a meeting. He says Abhi is not coming. He tells Ranbir and others that the acting status will be a secret. He asks Ranbir to come with him. He gets emotional and goes to meet Gayatri with his grandmother. Pallavi asks Ranbir if he feels bad for his words. Ranbir says I’m sorry, if you don’t think my words explain. He makes excuses and says he needs to go to the office with Dad. Pallavi thinks she can’t forgive Prachi for Ranbir’s behavior and wonders why Vikram went to meet Gayatri?

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Abhi feels pain and asks Pragya what is she looking for? Pragya says she is looking for ointment. He finds it and says he will apply it carefully. She says the idea, telling her to hit her injury and apply it. He feels tickled and tells her to do it every day. Pragya laughs and thinks that he is behaving and talking like before. She remembers their old moments. Abhi asks him to bring chocolate for her. Praj asks how much? He says, 2,5, 10. Pragya is fine and promises it. Tere naam geet wagade che… ..

Grandma and Vikram come there. Abhi gets scared and takes the stick in his hand. Prajna asks him not to be afraid and asks him to meet his friends. He says it’s not bad and won’t hurt him. Abhi hid behind Pragya. Pragya asked him to shake hands with Vikram. Abhi shakes hands with Vikram. Vikram cries emotionally. It goes out. Abhi talks to grandmother and says that her hair is nice. Pragya says she is your grandmother and loves her very much. Abhi says she feels familiar to him. She plays with the grandmother.

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Ranbir is in his office fee and thinks that the scene was not made when Chief Gayatri was with him. She remembers seeing the bracelet and her mind strains. He reminds Prajna that he serves food at his house and feeds Shahna something. He realized that Gayatri is Pragya, the main partner. He thinks he can have the same bracelet and he finds out if the ancient mother is Gayatri Pragya. Vikram comes there and asks what about the bracelet? Ranbir thinks that he will not tell Dad, otherwise he will tell mom and he will tell Alia. He says he has ordered the bracelet online like the chief. He apologizes to Pallavi for his behavior. Vikram tells him to calm down his anger. Ranbir thinks that if I had thought, Pragya would have been yours.

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Shahana asks Prachi’s aunt to tell her, what happened? Shahana says if it is not a family matter, what you did with Ranbir. Pragya asks what did he ask? Shahana told Pragya that he had betrayed Prachi. That’s when Pragya’s phone rings and he goes to take part. Prachi tells Shahana not to say that, otherwise she will tell me to talk to Riya. Pragya comes back. Shahana says he stole her earrings, but came back. Pragya says you forgive him. Prachi forgives him. Shahana says I love you aunty and kiss her on the cheek. Prachi pragya asks ne papa kevo che? Pragya says she is fine and sad.

Abhi is in her room and talking to her fugitive toy. He says he will also make his painting and not ask to sit. Grandma comes there. Abhi runs to the bathroom and tells him to go. He says I’m your grandmother and tells her to come out. Abhi looks at him.

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