Kundali Bhagya 16th Mar 2021 Written Update (16th March 2021)


Telly Updates presenting Latest Kundali Bhagya 16th March 2021 Episode Written Update. Kundali Bhagya 16th March 2021 (16/03/2021) Complete Episode Written Update.

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Today’s Written Update: Kundali Bhagya 16th March 2021 Written Update with Sherlin Asks If Anyone Has Come To Know Of Their Truth, Prithvi Mentions That It Doesnot Seem So, Kritika Gets Worried And Then Prithvi Explains That It Was The Waiter Who Has The Mobile Of His Mother And So Wants Him To Come And Collect The Mobile, Suresh Is Glad That They Have Found The Mobile, Prithvi Immediately Leaves Saying That He Would Come As Soon As Possible.

Preeta Entering The Room Appreciates Karina For Listening To Her Request And Coming Into The Room With Her, Karina Mentions That She Only Came Because Preeta Explained That There Was Something Relating To Kritika, Preeta Explains That She Did Not Want To Make The Same Mistake Which Had Made Earlier And There Is Something Which She Wants To Reveal, Karina Exclaims That Preeta Doesnot Have Anything Worth Saying Whenever She Talks In Confusion So She Turns To Leave, Preeta Explains That Prithvi Is Not Suitable For Kritika, She Exclaims That She Also Said The Same About Akshay Because He Was Also Not The Right Match For Kritika However He Ruined Her Efforts And The Proof Which She Gathered After That Karina Threw Them In The Hawan Without Even Looking At Them, Preeta Mentions That She Was Following Her Orders And Thought That She Would Not Come In Between The Marriage If This Is What She Wants And Even Ordered Shristhi To Not Look For Anything However She Went And Found A Proof Which She Wants Karina To At Least Look At, Karina Is Shocked To See The Proof Then Exclaims That Prithvi Is Deceiving Them All And Is Married.

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Prithvi Is Rushing To Meet Sherlin When She Drops The Stand However Doesnot Even Stop To Pick It Up, He Meets With Sherlin Asking What Is The Problem, Kritika Is Also Walking In The Hall When She Looking At The Strand Wonders Who Can Be So Careless, Prithvi Asks Sherlin What Is The Problem, Sherlin Explains That Preeta Has Gathered Proof Against Their Marriage And They Are Finishes, Prithvi Also Exclaims That He Cannot Do Anything As There Is No Way Out Of This Situation, Sherlin However Calms Him Mentioning That He Always Has A Plan For Every Problem, She Hugs Him, Kritika Is Shocked To See Them Both From The Other Side Of The Hall, Mahira Signals Prithvi Who Leaves Sherlin, Mahira Thinks That She Would Implement Her Plan With Which She Would Be Able To Turn The Cards In Their Favor.

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Karina Is Shocked In The Room, Preeta Exclaims They Should Reveal The Truth In Front Of The Entire Family And Tries To Leave However Karina Stops Her, Preeta Inquires What Is The Matter As She Has Also Seen The Truth And They Have The Proof Against Prithvi, And If She Is Thinking That When Kritika’s Marriage Is Broken For The Second Time Then What Will The Society Say And So What Will They Do, She Should Not Worry For Anyone As They Would Forget Everything After Some Time But If Kritika Is Married To Such An Evil Person Then Her Life Would Be Destroyed And It Will Not Be Mended Under Any Circumstance, She Cannot Let It Happen So Request That Karina Come And End The Marriage, She Is Aware That Being A Mother Karina Would Not Feel Good But This Is For The Betterment Of Her Daughter And If She Would Not Stop The Marriage Then She Being The Daughter In Law Of The Family Would Do It Because She Cannot Let Such Wrong Happen To Kritika, Preeta Tries To Take Karina’s Hand However Karina Hugs Her.

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