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Today’s Written Update: Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 14th March 2021 Written Update with Rehaan tells everyone that she is not going anywhere, she will stay here as his wife. Rageshwari tells Priya that she must control her Naagin powers, otherwise it will overpower her. Rehaan gets up on his side of the bed, sensing something. Priya is on the other side of the bed, half naive.

In the last episode, every one see: Priya tells Rageshwari that she needs his help to get revenge on Rehaan. Priya says that even you know that I have no way in front of me. Rehaan arrives at the havan kund wedding as preparations for the wedding of Arnav-Swati, Mohit and Soumya are in full swing.

She says that she cannot imagine her life with Mohit and that he is her first and last love. Rehaan says your promise means a lot to me and promises that no one can take their happiness away from him. Soumya is happy. Pam asks Arnav to touch Siddharth and Rageshwari’s feet.

Arnav does the same. Arnav leaves. Mini says where Priya is, Ajnabi can’t be wrong, she is near us. Priya comes to the water.

She gets ready in the same outfit and jerwellery as Soumya and smiles. Pam is happy to see Soumya in wedding attire. Rehaan looks at them. Shashank gives advice to Mohit and asks him not to betray Soumya, because when husbands are in trouble, the wife can only save him.

He receives the call from Priya. Priya asks her to prove her love and asks her to come out the back window. Mohit is about to come out and open the window. He sees Rehaan as Aadishaat and he pushes him.

He warns her and says he can do anything with him, but doesn’t hurt her as he is Soumya’s childhood sweetheart. He said he didn’t know he would cheat on Soumya again. He shows his Dracula teeth and asks Mohit to go and marry Soumya. He pulls Mohit out and sits him down on the mandap.

Rehaan feels Priya’s presence there. Soumya is tied up in the room. Rehaan searches for Priya near the mandap.

Siddharth asks Rehaan what he is looking at and says that even you will have a chance to get married. He teases Arnav. Everyone stands up except Priya. Arnav says they must not postpone the wedding.

Rehaan says yes. Swati and Arnav exchange the garland. Rehaan and Priya exchange the garland. Rehaan thinks Priya won’t get her scent until the marriage ends. Mohit and Soumya are exhausted. Rehaan fills Priya’s maang with sindoor and shows her face.

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