Bawara Dil 16th Mar 2021 Written Update (16th March 2021)


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Today’s Written Update: Bawara Dil 16th March 2021 Written Update with Gaurav arrives back in Sidhi’s village. He recalls Sidhi pleading with him to believe her. Gaurav takes his mother’s call and says my decision is final, I know you are not happy with this relationship but I am sure Sidhi can never cheat me. I am going to take her away from this village, we will do a court marriage and I will bring her with me.

Narpat says to Chamkilee that we played our game well but nothing happened to Akka Bai? Chamkilee says we should keep an eye on Akka Bai’s house. Narpat says you are right, we should keep an eye on the scapegoat also which is Ishwar’s family. He asks his goon to keep an eye on them.

Shiva comes to Akka Bai’s palace. He touches her feet. Bai says don’t touch my feet, I should fall down to your feet, you have done so much for me, you are like my real son. You have proved to be a good son so I will prove to be a good mother now. She says I am so happy today, she asks him to sit down. He says I can’t sit with you. Bai asks him to sit. He does. Bai says Ishwar’s daughter agreed to the marriage, I told you everything will be fine. Shiva looks down hearing that. Bai says bless you, you have given me a lot of happiness, can you fulfill one more wish? You have never said fully that you are ready for this marriage, say it, please. Shiva says yes, I am ready. Bai falls down on his feet and says you have done such a big favor on me but this marriage is important for you as well, think if something happens to you then what will I do? She says my blessings are with you always. She asks him to ask for something, I want you to ask for a gift. Shiva says you are my everything so I don’t want anything but I just want to say that I am doing this marriage for your sake only, this marriage is baggage for me that I will keep dragging w ith me till you want, when you ask me to put it down then I will get rid of her. Bai says as you wish. He touches her feet and starts leaving.

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Shiva sits in his car to leave Bai’s house when he sees Sidhi sitting in the window. They both see each other. Sidhi glares at him and closes the window. Shiva is angry and leaves from there.

Sagar checks the jewelry that Sidhi from Bai and says it’s so expensive. Malini says this Akka Bai has made a joke of your sister. Sagar says Sidhi’s video has made a joke of us, we don’t have respect left in this village, this marriage will benefit us all. Ishwar says we are not doing this marriage for a benefit but we don’t have a choice. Malini says I just see an animal in Shiva who kidnapped your sister. A servant comes there and says Bai has called Sagar.Mangal gets some kerosene and matchsticks. She puts the matchsticks in the water. She tells her brother that I will do a fake drama in front of Shiva to stop his marriage. She sees Shiva coming in the house and says my son will see a different side of mine.

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Sagar comes to Bai, she says you are educated as well? Sagar says I have done an MBA. Bai says you can only see what’s in front of you but I can see what will happen in the future. She says I am going for a press conference with Ishwar, I want you to talk to your sister till then, tell her what I want to happen from my heart. Sagar nods and leaves.

Shiva comes home so his cousins tell him that his mother… Shiva runs to Mangal’s room. She has locked the room, Shiva tries to open it and asks her to open it. Mangal says I don’t want to live anymore, I can’t see my son with that girl, I will burn myself. This door will open after my death now. My son wants to marry that girl so I can’t bear this. Shiva knocks on the door and asks her to open it. Mangal says my son is against me so I don’t want to live anymore. Shiva breaks the door and takes kerosene from her. He says I can’t stop this wedding, I can’t go against Akka Bai. He asks her to calm down and leaves. Mangal says this picture will end when I will make Akka Bai do what I want.

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