Netflix has recently updated that the dark comedy series ‘Bonding’ which was the first time premiered on Netflix back in April 2019, will not become back in April 2019 will not be returning for the third season. This mature comedy series has been created by Rightor Doyle, who has written the story of the series based on his own experience of becoming a bodyguard to the dominatrix.

Bonding Season 3: Renewed or Cancelled? Everything To Know

It is very natural that with themes of the series, the first season was faced a lot of controversy from several fronts. It is also on the table that the BDSM community had not kindly taken their portrayals in the series set to get addressed in the second season. It seems that the controversy only will spur the series along and although and we also don’t have any statistics. The series has pulled huge viewership to justify its future season.

Bonding Season 2: Release Date, Time & Details | Tonights.TV

The second season was announced in January 2020, just before the eventual release of January 2021. It has participated without much fanfare during this time around. It also had not been promoted on the official Twitter page of Netflix. The Instagram page of the show also got some love before it completely becomes dark on 10th February 2021.

Netflix's 'Bonding' Slammed by Dominatrix Community for “Garbage” Portrayal  of Dommes | Decider

The second season trailer also has 250,000 views compared to the trailer season one trailer, which was around 1.7 million. The worst thing happens after Netflix become failed to register the show in the top 10 features on Netflix US. This series did not release in the US top 10 even after the release while showing up their biggest bump into the viewership.

Bonding Season 3: Netflix Release Date & Cast - Daily Research Plot

Netflix currently announced to Deadline that this series was cancelled in July 2021 with some other comedy series. There is also good news that Rightor Doyle is also working on the future Netflix projects as a new document deal.

There is no doubt that the first season was definitely a true delight. It came to be out of nowhere and also was in a format that is precious over the course of few hours, and there is no waste of time.

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