Netflix released its brand-new show, Sexify, which is a polish drama series that is thrilling like ’Who Killed Sara?’ with a touch of romance and seduction like ‘Bridgerton’.

With a gripping storyline about a budding software developer Natalia, who knows a lot about programming and a little about sex, it ought to be on your list of new shows to watch.

It is a provocative and funny series about the lives of a bunch of girls and how they go on a journey to figure out sexuality and identity by participating in a competition where they build a high-tech app that helps people understand female orgasm better.

Sexify has a refreshing, one-of-its-kind storyline and as the show premiers today, thoughts about the second season are already in the mind.

Sexify Season 2 Release Date

The first season of the comical drama has just been released. This would mean only one thing, that there is a lot of time before we hear news about the second season of Sexify.

Netflix is yet to announce whether they will cancel the show or renew it. It will all depend on the reception of the first season.

Sexify Season 2 Cast

The cast of the first season of Sexify has many talented faces such as Olivia Castanho, Jacek Grygorowicz, Daniel Hall, Sandra Drzymalska, and Malgorzata Foremniak.

It also features new artists such as Maria Sobocinska, Wojciech Solarz, Sebastian Stankiewicz, and Ewa Szykulska.

The cast of season two of Sexify will depend on how much of a significant role does each artist plays and how the story goes.

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