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Today’s Written Update: Namak Issk Ka 16th March 2021 Written Update with Kahani Says Give Me My Phone. Iravati Says I Am Asking You Why He Had Her Phone? Yug Asks Kahani To Answer Her. Saroj Asks Why He Had Her Phone? Kahani Says You All Want To Know What Is Happening In My Life, I Thought Ravi Was Different But You Are The Same. You All Had Too Much Free Time To Know What Is Happening In My Life, What’s On My Phone And All That. Saroj Says You Can Leave The House If You Are So Irritated. Kahani Tries To Snatch The Phone From Iravati But Gunjan Pulls Her Back. Kahani Says How Can You Take My Phone? Give Me My Phone. Kahani Tells Yug That You Are Silent Now When I Am Being Insulted Like This? Yug Says What’s Your Problem? Let Her Check Your Phone. Ravi Thinks If Iravati Reads It Then Everything Will Be Finished. Iravati Sees That The Phone Is Password Locked, She Asks Ravi To Unlock It. Kahani Says He Doesn’t Know My Password. Iravati Asks Her To Tell The Password. Kahani Says I Won’t. Yug Says You Like To Fight Daily? Tell Her The Password. Kahani Says I Am Not Telling The Password, You Can Act Like A Wild Animal If You Want To. Iravati Says You Won’t Tell The Password? Kahani Says No. Iravati Throws Her Phone And It Breaks. Kahani Is Stunned. All Smirk And Leave. Kahani Takes Her Phone And Gets Teary-Eyed. Yug Comes To Her And Says Why Do You Fight So Much? You Could Have Told The Password. Kahani Cries And Says I Don’t Have Money To Buy A New Phone, You Should Help Me But You Are Still Blaming Me. Rani Says Don’t Cry, You Can Dance And Get A New Phone With The Money. Yug Says No, You Don’t Have To Do It Till You All Are Here, He Asks Kahani To Go With Him. Kahani Says Where? Rani Asks Her To Go. Kahani Goes With Him. Rani Prays For Them To Become Friends.

Iravati Tells The Family That Kahani Is Roaming Around My Husband Too Much These Days, She Is Hiding Something. Saroj Says Ravi Is An Innocent Man So Don’t Blame Him, That Kahani Is A Trap For Anybody. Iravati Says I Stopped Today But If She Is Near My Husband Again Then I Will Break Her Arm. Ronak Thinks Thank God She Didn’t Hold Kahani’s Neck. Iravati Says My Husband Can’t Tell Why Kahani Is Behind Him. She Asks Ronak To Send Ravi To The Farmhouse So He Is Away From That Dancer. Rupa Says He Will Be Alone There? Iravati Says I Will Call Him Back When This Dancer Is Gone From The House. Saroj Says Do What You Think Is Right.

Ronak Comes To Rupa’s Room And Locks The Door. Rupa Says I Will Call Mother If You Do Something Wrong. Ronak Says I Came Here To Talk About Harsh, I Went To Talk To Him Yesterday But He Called Me A Bad Papa, I Misbehave With His Mother And All That.. Who Is Making Him Learn All This? Rupa Says He Is Saying The Truth. Ronak Pulls Her And Says Everyone Is Insulting Me In This House But If Harsh Misbehaves With Me Then I Will Not Spare You. I Have Hated You For Years So You Can Hate Me As Well But Keep It In Your Heart, If You Show Your Hatred Then Your Son Will Not Have His Father’s Shadow, I Will Leave This House. Rupa Says Then Go Away, I Am Living Without My Husband So My Son Can Learn To Live Without His Father Too, Stop Threatening To Leave Me, If You Want To Go Then Leave. Ronak Laughs And Says You Have Become Gutsy. He Tries To Take A Selfie With Her But Rupa Gets Dizzy And Falls Down. Ronak Asks What Happened? He Thinks I Should Run Away Before Anyone Sees Me With Her Like This, He Runs Away. Rupa Feels Like Puking And Gets Worried.

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