The hit Kanna action drama movie, ‘Pogaru,’ opened to huge success after much expectations from fans. The film came to theaters on February 19, 2021, where it received many positive reactions. Following the movie’s success, the production team later dubbed and released the film in Tamil as ‘Semma Thimiru.’

Since the movie release, fans have been waiting for ‘Pogaru’ to release on OTT platforms. It has been a recent trend for movies to release on OTT platforms after achieving major theater success. Here’s what we know about the OTT release of ‘Pogaru.’

Pogaru OTT Release Date

There is undoubtedly talk involved in to release of ‘Pogaru’ on OTT platforms. However, there has been no official statement by the production unit. But due to the current Covid-19 situation, OTT platforms are looking to procure more content for fans to watch. So it is possible that one of the platforms could find the right deal to own the streaming rights to ‘Pogaru.’

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Pogaru OTT Platform

There has been no official news on the OTT platform that ‘Pogaru’ will be released as things stand. However, fans can expect the movie to feature in one of the OTT platforms such as Hotstar, Amazon Prime, or Zee5.

The hit movie featuring Dhruva Sarja and Rashmika Mandanna has a huge fan base expecting an OTT release. Since the movie has been dubbed and released in Tamil and Telugu, the chances look good for the film to feature an OTT release.



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