Chinese army is in fear of Ladakhi civilians doing something along the border with the army


new Delhi. In view of the Indo-China dispute on the Ladakh border, the local people are now ready to sour China’s teeth due to their patriotism. Actually, where the situation of tension remains, the Indian Army personnel are stationed in high and inaccessible areas. These are areas where arriving is equal to risking life but our soldiers are always ready to protect the country.

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In such a situation, saluting his patriotism, the soldiers of the border villages of Ladakh, former servicemen, women and all the people are coming forward to help the army soldiers. He is delivering them the necessary goods. These people are showing readiness to help the Indian Army. He is providing ration, water and other facilities to the army personnel.

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This is not a matter of any one area, but the movement of goods from Gurugan Hill to Blacktop is being done continuously. People, regardless of their lives, are climbing into these high and inaccessible areas to help the army and deliver essential goods to the army personnel. The people of Ladakh have always been helping the army in this way.

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The country is the first for the people of Ladakh. He is always seen standing with the Indian Army to protect his soil. During the Kargil war in 1999, the people of Ladakh had helped the army a lot. During the Kargil War, the people here stood like a rock behind the Indian Army. Similarly, now when the LAC is tense with China, the people of Ladakh have come forward again.

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