Chinese Defense Minister had reached here to speak with Rajnath Singh in awe of India’s action


new Delhi. The dragon was terrified by the way the Indian Army responded to the Chinese Army on Galvan Valley and Pangong Lake. He has now started making all efforts to negotiate with India. At the same time, the way financially one blow is being given to China by India (India), it has also got upset with it. At the same time, India has left no stone unturned to surround it globally. In such a situation, China has become stung. At the same time, in Moscow, the meeting between India’s Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and the Chinese Defense Minister has taken place at the request of the Chinese administration. According to sources, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe was the only one who was eager to meet Rajnath Singh.

To enable talks between the two defense ministers, Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe reached the hotel where Rajnath Singh was staying for talks. The meeting between the two defense ministers lasted more than two hours. Sources reveal that the reason for the long meeting was that the Defense Minister responded to all the issues raised by China and exposed their false claims.

rajnath wei fenghe meeting

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh answered the questions of China in detail and spoke in detail on all the issues of dispute. He also said that India is not ready to give up even an inch of land for its rights and it will be protected at all costs. The Defense Minister said that India understands the responsibility of border management, but our resolve to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country should not be viewed with any kind of skepticism.

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Rajnath Singh

The Chinese defense minister’s need for talks can be gauged from the fact that when the two leaders sit at the table, during this time, Wei Fenghe said that they have requested talks 3 times in the last 80 days. After strengthening India’s hold on the peaks of strategic importance last week, it became a compulsion for China to come to the negotiating table. At the same time, after the Defense Minister reached Moscow, the Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe, who was eager to meet him, reached the hotel where Rajnath Singh was staying.

India China army

On Friday, September 4, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh held talks with Chinese Defense Minister Wei Fenghe on the sidelines of SCO in Russia’s capital Moscow. This meeting lasted for about 2 hours and 20 minutes. The meeting discussed the issue of normalizing the situation on the border, including the recent confrontation between India and China, withdrawal of the Chinese army from the Pangong Lake area.


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