Imran Khan started his lie on Kashmir in UN, Indian diplomats got up from their place and then …, pakistan pm imran khan in UNGA on india pm modi and kashmir


new Delhi. If Pakistan gets a forum, then it considers its bravery to spend that precious time against India. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan did something similar during the 75th anniversary of the United Nations General Assembly. The opportunity was to present Pakistan to the world but Imran Khan spoiled his speech in making many false accusations against PM Modi, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Indian Army. Many lied about Imran Khan’s RSS, he also made many baseless allegations on the Indian Army. The Indian diplomat, who was present at the conference hall of UNGA at the time, protested against Imran. Pakistan PM Imran Khan, while targeting the National Self-Service Association, said that the RSS is trying to leave behind the secular values ​​of Gandhi and Nehru to make India a Hindu nation. Referring to the 2002 Gujarat riots, he said that Muslims are being tortured in India.

Imran Khan UN

Indian delegate did walkout seeing Imran Khan’s nefarious intentions

In fact, Imran Khan had already made up his mind that in the General Assembly of the United Nations, he would make himself clear by making false accusations against India, the Indian Army, RSS and PM Modi, that too in front of the Indian Delegate. At the moment, his thinking was revolted. He had begun to make his point that, the Indian diplomat representing India walked out of the General Assembly registering a protest.

Imran Khan’s cry on Kashmir

Crying its anger over Kashmir, the Pakistan PM said that India has illegally occupied Kashmir and is violating the human rights of the people there. The United Nations should find a solution under its resolution. Referring to the abolition of Article 370, he said that it has abolished the rights of the Kashmiri people. Not only this, becoming the sympathizer of the Muslims, Imran Khan imposed a state sponsor Islamophobia on India. He accused of spreading violence against Muslims in India by taking the name of RSS. He broke the Babri Masjid in 1992.

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At the United Nations, Imran Khan said that, in Kashmir, pellet guns are being used on people who raise voices, their rights are being violated. All this is happening under the rule of RSS-minded BJP. Since August 5 last year, India has closed down Kashmiri leaders by making additional deployment of the army. Curfew was imposed throughout Kashmir, people were punished. He also alleged that thousands of Kashmiris were killed in false encounters.

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False accusation on Indian Army

Imran Khan, a man of evil intentions, falsely accused the Indian Army that the international community should investigate this violence independently. He said that the Modi government is making a demographic change in Jammu and Kashmir by changing the law. According to the Geneva Convention, this type of work is considered a war crime. He said that Pakistani people are standing with the residents of Jammu and Kashmir.

Imran khan

India accused of own handiwork

Pakistan, which often violates ceasefire at the border, is now blaming India on the contrary. In the UN General Assembly, Imran claimed that India is creating tension on the border by violating ceasefire. He alleged that the Indian Army was targeting innocent people. He threatened India and said that if there is any kind of misadventure, then we will fight till the last time.


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