PM Modi’s strategy to handle corona epidemic got support of so many percent


new Delhi. Prime Minister Modi’s strategy to handle the Kovid-19 epidemic has been clearly supported by 75.8 percent people. This is revealed in a comprehensive survey conducted in 6 months by IANS C Voter Kovid-19 Tracker. In the last six months, ‘IANS C Voter Kovid-19 Tracker’ has known the mood of India during history’s most dangerous epidemic and is now sharing its data and analysis with you.

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Let me tell you that IANS C Voter Kovid-19 Tracker is a kind of poll and tracker made in India which covers the epidemic, its effects and the mood of the people. During these 6 months, week by week, we brought changes and changes in India’s mood for you. These changes we have gauged on aspects such as trust in the government, preparedness index, changes in income and employment, and the spread of Kovid-19 traits. One thing that has been found stable in the tracker during the last six months is the high approval rating given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to deal with the Kovid-19 epidemic.

According to the new reading that came out on September 12, three quarters of people have said that the Modi government has handled this situation well. At the same time, people’s trust in the government index also remains strong. Accordingly, 75.8 percent of the respondents agree with the functioning of the Modi government while 20.5 percent of the respondents disagree. Thus the percentage of net consent is 55.5 percent.

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However, the approval ratings were not high in the first months of the epidemic and the period of economic hardship continued for a long time. The numbers for these months were far from the highs of 80 and 90 percent that came in the months of April, May and June. One question, “I am afraid that I or someone in my family may have coronavirus”, has a fear index of 49.8 percent in consensus and 46.1 percent in disagreement. This means that more people are afraid of getting the virus infection.

This number is now much lower than in previous months, indicating that there is less fear among people now. Explain that the sample size for the new tracker is 4,853. Kovid-19 cases have increased rapidly in recent months and the new record of cases filed in a single day is more than 95 thousand cases.

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Another tracker question, “I believe the threat from coronavirus is exaggerated”, with 56 percent agreeing and 33.5 percent disagreeing. This means that overall 22.5 percent agree that the threat is exaggerated. Although the total number of cases has crossed 46.6 lakhs, such thinking is surprising, but due to the recovery rate, people are now living with the epidemic.


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