These countries came with India to teach China a lesson, said – India will cooperate with China to tackle


new Delhi. Many countries have stood with India against China to bring China’s Dadagiri under control and to support India. This is part of the foreign policy adopted by the Modi government in its entirety. Let me tell you that China has turned its back on the trick of harassing India. China is now afraid of the US attack as well, in which India has also got the support of Australia. Let us tell you that Australia has announced to increase cooperation with India to deal with the growing threats from China in the Indian Pacific region. Australia’s Defense Minister Linda Reynolds has said that Australia will continue to deepen its ties with like-minded India, in support of a shared vision of a more secure, open, inclusive and prosperous Indo-Pacific region. China is increasing its interference in the resource-rich region.

South china sea

To further strengthen relations with India, Reynolds said the recent naval joint exercises in the Indian Ocean reflect the strong ties between the two countries as a broad strategic partnership. The Indian Navy and the Royal Australian Navy conducted a two-day joint exercise in the north-eastern region of the Indian Ocean last week. This succeeded in conveying a strong message to China. This was the first major military exercise by India and Australia after a landmark deal was signed in June to enhance their ties to a broader strategic partnership and mutual access to military bases for logistical support.

Australia defense minister and modi

Reynolds said in a statement that we continue to promote our engagement with like-minded countries, such as India, in support of a shared vision of a more secure, open, inclusive and prosperous Indo-Pacific region. He said that after the Prime Minister’s Digital Summit earlier this year, our defense relations with India are at a historic high point and I look forward to further expanding our broader partnership in the future.

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