US NSA made this big claim targeting China


new Delhi. US National Security Advisor Robert O Brien has made a big statement targeting China. Robert O’Brien has claimed that China wants to enslave the whole world. He has said that China ultimately wants to create a unipolar world in which every country is under it. Brian said that countries around the world are beginning to realize why America is against China. He said that the world is slowly entering a multi-polar state.

Brian said at the ‘University of Nevada’, ‘I don’t think there will be a bipolar situation in the world anymore. I think we are slowly entering a multipolar state. China ultimately wants to create a unipolar situation where all the remaining countries are under it. ‘

Robert O’Brien said that his allies with the US are also taking a stand against China. He said, ‘I think countries around the world are beginning to realize why we are against China. I think that if the great democracies of Brazil and India, the European Union and Britain are with us, China will eventually become more isolated than before. ‘

Robert o brien

He said that many African countries, considered close friends of China, have told the US that if they repay their debt taken from China, then they will not have relations with China. Brian said, ‘You know the president doesn’t want to do that.’ He said that the US wants to be accountable to the tax payers’ money.

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