Eat these vegetables to complete vitamin K deficiency


Good food is very important to keep the body healthy and healthy. Just as minerals, calcium, protein are necessary for the body, similarly vitamin k is also very beneficial for the body. Vitamin K prevents calcium accumulation in the arteries. Today we will tell you how you can increase the amount of vitamin k in your body.

Spinach contains a lot of vitamin K. A cup of spinach contains about 1027 micrograms of nutrients. It is also a good source of vitamin A and beta carotene.

Leafy vegetables contain a significant amount of vitamin K. Banana is like cabbage. It is used as a salad.

Broccoli contains iron, protein, calcium, chromium and vitamin A. One cup of broccoli contains 220 micrograms of vitamin K. It can also be cooked or eaten raw.

Take the right amount of vitamin A will increase eyesight!

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