This is how you make delicious finger chips!


The craze for the taste of finger chips of people in our country is evident from the fact that they like to eat it in any good restaurant by spending a big rupee. But what if you get to eat these crunchy finger chips with the same taste and at a lower cost? Let us tell you the easy way to make delicious finger chips.

4 Materials required to make crisp finger chips for people-

4 normal sized potatoes

Half teaspoon pepper

Oil for frying

Half a teaspoon or more according to taste

How to make

Chop the potatoes in water so that they do not become black. Put the pan in the gas and add oil to it and heat it well. When the oil is hot, add chopped potatoes and fry them. Keep stirring it while frying so that it fry well on both sides. After it turns red, take it out in a plate. Now sprinkle black pepper powder and salt in it.

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