With this simple recipe, you can reduce belly belly


Many people have to face a lot of trouble with the belly bulge, the belly is very painful to walk and walk. Also, this reduces personalty too.

In this way, time passes and the belly gets bigger. Then it becomes a matter of concern because even after exercising, the stomach is not reduced. Here the frozen fat does not melt easily. For this, use a special one, one of which is to consume juices here.

Material required for

A spoonful of honey
A spoonful of radish seed powder
A spoonful of lemon juice
Half a teaspoon
Half cup of bitter gourd juice
A spoonful of ginger juice

Then after this mix honey and radish seed powder, then add lemon juice and later the rest of the ingredients. After this, drink a glass on an empty stomach in the beginning of the day, and then drink a glass in the afternoon and a glass will also have an effect at night.

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