Hello, all the entertainment lovers Vijay Television Awards is heading to hit your idiot box this Sunday with its another hilarious and lavish spree episode of the award show. Well, this is the 6th ongoing award ceremony entertaining all of its fans. The ongoing season of the show has been commenced last month and ever since it started it emerged as the uttermost enthralling reality Tamil show. The show is being hosted by Ma Ka Pa Anand and Kavin reprising as the host. So, feel the charm, spark, and glamour of the Vijay Television Award this Sunday.

6th Vijay Television Awards

The Sunday has come again and again it brings the opportunity to enjoy all of our favourite stars once again on the screen. Star Vijay is considered one of the immensely renowned Tamil award event. Every time the events start it just blown up the senses of the audience and the show is getting bigger and even more entertaining with each of its passing episode. Vijay Television Award is implementing all the possible things to increase the engagement of the show. It is the time to catch all the nop-notch and electrifying performances which is going to set the stage on fire.

6th Vijay Television Awards 18-4-2021

So, we finally have the big day the celebration will be at the peak today. The show will be started at 3 PM and it will 6 hours long going to distribute numerous awards in a total of 30 categories including Best Lead Male, Best lead Female, Best Mother, Best Father, Best Son, Best Daughter, Best Series. Alongside these prominent categories, the show is also going to be announced by Best Director, Best Singer, and Best Comedian. We are going to see a brand spanking new and grand stage on which the stars will receive accolades.

All the viewers fasten your seatbelt for the roller-coaster ride of, fun, enjoyment, spark, energy, emotions with Vijay Television Awards. We are also going to witness a heartfelt moment when Chitra won the award in the category of the most favourite actor known for her phenomenal performance as Mullai in Pandian Store recently demised. Almost all the actors and guests missed the presence of the actress and tears also comes out from the eyes of some of her colleagues. So, catch all the commendable and impulsive moments in the flawless award function at 3 PM on Vijay Television this Sunday. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest updates on Vijay Television Award.

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