Filled with lots of interesting twists and suspense, Apna Time Bhi Aayega’s story is slowly moving ahead. In today’s episode of the serial, Veer finally reaches the place where the kidnapper has kept Rani. Yes, after so many days of stress and worries, Veer will be seen arriving at the kidnapping’s location. So, there are chances that Rani returns to the house along with Veer in the latest update of the Zee TV show. Let’s check if Veer succeeds in saving Rani from the kidnapper’s trap or not.

8th April 2021 Apna Time Bhi Aayega Written Episode Update: Veer Finds Out Rani? The episode begins with Veer. He looks for every possible evidence to reach Rani. Veer finally gets the clue and reaches the location. Though there he finds numerous goons guarding Rani. He doesn’t get scared or nervous for even a bit and moves in the goons’ direction. Meanwhile, one of the goons notices Veer. He informs everyone and soon after they all get into a fight. The goons hit Veer while the latter also shows his masculinity by defending himself and punching them alongside.

The fight goes on for a while and after that Veer reaches a dark room. Veer sees Rani there. She is fully tied with ropes. Rani gets emotional seeing him and gets emotional. In the upcoming episode, Veer will reportedly carry Rani in his arms and take her back to the house. Though, the lead character might get some bruises in the fight he had earlier with the goons. But at the end of the day, Veer will eventually save Rani and who was the kidnapper of Rani will be disclosed as well.

Where this problem will seem to end tonight, Veer gets worried for Rajeshwari. As it was shown in the previous episodes, Rajeshwari is currently behind the bars. Rani has proved her the culprit due to which she landed in the prison. However, everyone is upset with Rani because of the same reason. Veer also thinks of ways to release Rani from jail at any cost.

He worries about his mother. On another side, Rajeshwari gets scared thinking he will have to spend her whole life in jail. She thinks that no one is taking interest in her life and kind of nags Rani for her present condition. So, this drama will happen in today’s episode of Apna Time Bhi Aayega. The serial gets aired on Zee TV so watch it there and keep reading written episodes here.

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