In the latest episode of Aapki Nazro Ne, there will be some more interesting twists to be watched. Tonight you will watch, all the marriage rituals have been started and the nuptial rounds have taken place where Darsh promises to Nandini that he will fulfill all of her dreams and will make her dreams true, he also promises that he will be with her till his last breath, and their names will be remembered as lord Radha & Krishna considered as the symbol of love, and her name will also come first before Darsh.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha ANNS Full Episode Update 28th April 2021: Darsh Promises NandiniThere Gunjan is not happy while doing nuptial rounds because Shobhit is not making her feel special as Darsh is making Nandini. Gunjan keeps looking at Darsh and Nandini, she talks in her mind “I’m also getting married but why this is not happening with me? why Shobhit is not happy? Rajvee also promises to her both brides that from today I’m your mom and ill try to be the best mother-in-law. After completing the rounds, Pandit Ji says to grooms to put vermillion in the bride’s parting (Maang).

though everything goes well, when Darsh put vermillion in Nandini’s parting she gets so happy as she holds his hand so that he can put vermillion properly but when it comes to Shobhit he does not put that properly and drop vermillion on Gunjan’s nose, she gets angry on him and yells out on him “what are you doing” meanwhile Chachi comes there and wipe out the sindoor from her nose and says it’s ok if it happened because this is also a good sign of love and you will get more love from your husband. Then the final ritual takes place where both of the grooms make their bride wear Mangalsutra, and the wedding gets done successfully.

In the next scene, Rakla starts his drama, and because he locked Charvi inside the room and he pretends like this all planned by Nandini and acts like Nandini is standing in before of him and talking with him and says that getting Gunjan’s marriage done like this is not good. What will Charvi thinks of you, when she will get to know about this she won’t forgive you. He pretends as he cares about Charvi but it is all a drama. Well, the episode ends with this suspense. What do you think, will Charvi get to know about Rakla’s intentions or not? To get all the latest and daily written updates on the show stay tuned with us and stay safe stay at home.

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