The most popular Tv show on Starplus Aapki Nazo Ne Sanjha starts with where Darsh expresses his feelings towards Nandini by saying that after marriage when she would come ahead of him so he is unable to praise her beauty. Whereas he already saw her beauty through his telepathy that she is too beautiful but how would he answer her about these questions. She makes him understand that when he rescued her from the tornado at that time he hugged her, so he has an idea about her fitness.

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha Today's 6th April 2021 Episode Update: Darsh Interrogates ShobitThen Darsh says that she is too slim she has to eat such foods which will help her to gain some weight, again she asks him that could he tell her about her hair. He replies that she has long and soft hair which is too attractive in this way she makes him understand that he can see everything by his telepathy so do not be sad the next time. They both feel pure feelings from each other and think that they have an attraction that is gradually converting into love.

After that, Darsh reaches his house he is very glad because both spent some quality time with each other which will make their relationship strong. But he keeps on thinking about her and Shobit sees his happiness and starts pulling his leg by interrogating that he knows about him that he met Nandini. Darsh mentions that he thought three years ago when the accident took place that now no one will accept him as a life partner but God gave him Nandini as a life partner.

He praises Nandini and says that her presence in his life is too amazing through which he feels overwhelming. Then Darsh thinks about Shobit that he always does love marriage so why he is ready to marry Gunn, he says that he had his girlfriend Charmi what about her did she settle somewhere or not. Shobit gets emotional after hearing this and his eyes filled with tears, but he diverts the conversation and says that Charmi is only his friend or nothing else.

Then Shobit says that his mother chooses a girl for him so there is no need to find any option to marry another girl. Then Darsh says that he should talk to Gunn about this marriage, Shobit overturned the discussion and says that tomorrow he will go to meet her do not worry about that. Darsh and Shobit come to Nandini’s house to meet Gunn but she is not there because she went to meet Rakla. So do not forget to watch it on Starplus At 06:00 PM and for more updates stay connected with us.

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