The upcoming episode of Aapki Nazro Ne Samjha will start where Gunjan looks that Charmi is arriving at her, and she says that they both met at the gift shop. Charmi thinks maybe Gunjan came from Nandini’s side because still, she is unfamiliar with Shobit and Gunjan’s wedding. But extempore she looks a board where Shobit weds Gunjan wrote and she gets shocked, and Gunjan reveals the truth ahead of her. She says that she won’t let this wedding happen at any cost, and she goes from there.

  Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha Written Episode ANNS Today's Update 23rd April 2021: Mohan Kidnaps NandiniGunjan tells everything ahead of Vanlata and she makes her believe that do not worry she will handle Charmi, as she will handle Nandini. Another side Gunjan & Nandini get ready for a wedding and Gunjan tries to send her in the car, and she sits in the car then Mohanlal starts the car and takes her away from the wedding venue. By saying that he can not let her marry Darsh, she urges him to stop the car right now, and if he does not do this so she will jump from the car, he says that this wedding is not appropriate to her.

After that, Naveen greets Raval Family and Vipul Raval warns Namrata to not do any mistake or wrong work, which create bad consequences for her. Darsh mentions that they have left behind everyone’s happiness and they get happy after seeing this good gesture of him. On another side, Mohanlal checks Nandini and her mobile as well and she warns him that if he does this so he will have to suffer from bad results. Then Rajvi mentions that Nandini and Darsh will do all the rituals first.

Then Nandini bites Mohan Patel’s hand so that she can release herself from him and reach at the correct time on her wedding venue. Then Bansuri mentions that first she will start to pull the nose ritual, and she pulls their nose. Meanwhile, Vipul says to them that they will have to give her a Nek for this. But Bansuri refuses to take money from them and says that she wants something more precious than this. Under which he will get Nandini home for Pag Phere ritual.

Then Vanlata mentions that from today Nandini will never come in her way at all meanwhile Darsh asks Shobit for Nandini. He says that she did not come yet and at the same time Shobit also wonders that he is doing bad with Charmi. Other side Nandini requests him to stop the car but he does not do this and she holds his neck and he pushes her, she mentions that Darsh is waiting for her so please let her go. So do not forget to watch it on StarPlus at 06:00 PM and for more updates stay connected with us.

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