The recent episode of Barrister Babu will starts where Anirudh gets glad because finally, a petition has passed by the court, under which they are being cancelled all child marriages and stop as well. So that no one can ruin someone’s career especially of girl. But Bondita gets worried about this and mentions that she will not leave Anirudh at any cost, and she tries to justify herself comprehensively that her relationship with him is too auspicious. Hence there is a lack of chances to make them separate from each other.

Today's Barrister Babu April 23rd 2021 Episode Update: Anirudh & Bondita Get Separated?Then Trilochan expresses his rage by saying that now is he happy after did this under which their relationship will ruin. Trilochan makes him understand that it’s not appropriate enough whatever he is doing nowadays because he should think about Bondita. That what will happen with her after separation, so before doing anything just think twice regarding consequences. But all those people who are supporting Anirudh, say that he should give her divorce as soon as possible.

After that, Trilochgan says that he will not let him do this with her due to concern for their daughter-in-law Bondita. But they keep on saying that he should release her from this relationship as early as he can because if he does so many people will definitely follow him. But Trilochan totally disagrees with them and says that there is no need to spread such nonsense, and do not try to fill his mind with this inappropriate rubbishness because he will not give her divorce at all.

Another side Sampurna gets happy and wonders that her dream is going to come true and finally, Anirudh is ready to remove a daughter-in-law tag from Bondita. Because finally, he decided to release her from this relationship and she will go away from the mansion forever. But Bondita’s mother also gets shocked regarding this decision of Anirudh, because she wants to make them meet to “Guru Maa” but due to circumstances maybe it won’t happen.

Then you will watch that Bondita cries and wonders that as per the petition’s result they will have to be separated, and she thinks that after this what will be the name of their relationship. Even Anirudh also gets cry and says that even if he filed a petition for improving society, but he did not know that he will also have to suffer from this. So do not forget to watch it on Colors at 08:30 PM and for more updates stay connected with us.

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