Colours’ daily soap named Barrister Babu is getting much appreciation from the viewers. Presently, the entire family in the serial is celebrating the Holi festival. In today’s episode of the show, Bondita bumps into a mysterious man. The latter get kind of scared when Bondita stares at him without even blinking. Whereas the man’s gaze is mainly at the letter stuck in Bondita’s dress. He wants to take that letter but doesn’t understand how to pull that out from her dress. Meanwhile, Bondita’s gaze is still at the man.

Barrister Babu

After a while, Bondita speaks. She says that she has seen the unknown man somewhere. She concentrates for some time and then recalls that she has seen his pictures in the newspaper. However, when she eventually recalled, the man ran. Bondita finds it suspicious. She decides to follow him as he might be planning something. On another side, the strange man worries about taking that letter as everyone will find out that this letter actually belongs to Manorama.

The latter also plans to take the letter from Bondita at any cost. Besides all of this drama, Sampoorna also plans something against Manorama. It was shown that she had mixed something in her drink. She thinks that by now Manorama must have drunk and if everything went as planned, she must have gotten intoxicated as well. She plans to bring Manorama out of her room by using the opportunity. But little did she know, Anirudh has consumed the mixed drink.

He has lost his senses after that as he got drunk. Meanwhile, Manorama grabs the chance and takes that particular letter from Bondita. Trilochan notices Anirudh behaving strangely. He goes to him and asks him to take care of himself as he is losing his sense but Anirudh continues to dance crazily. Trilochan asks him to think about the family’s reputation once and even reminds him of his two marriages. Anirudh smiles and tells that one of the marriage is not real.

Trilochan asks him to clear which marriage he is speaking of. The latter tells him that both of them are fake. Later, Trilochan asks both Manorama and Bondita to come out. Anirudh says that “there is my wife”. Trilochan thinks that he is talking about Maorama but gets stunned when he points his fingers at Bondita and even goes towards her. While he was also about to disclose the truth of the second marriage when Barrister Babu’s written episode ends. Read updates on here.

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