The upcoming episode of Barrister Babu starts with where Anirudh & Bondita dance with each other because after a long time they are celebrating happiness together, meanwhile he gets to know about the petition which he filed in the court against child marriage. Because that has been accepted by the court under which they are prohibiting child marriage. On the other hand, he is happy that such a bad ritual like Child marriage is being stopped, through which no one can ruin the future of any girl.

Barrister Babu Today's Update 23rd April 2021 Episode: Anirudh Gives Divorce To Bondita?Then a few people who informed him regarding the petition say to Anirudh that it should start with him, so gives divorce to Bondita and release her from this relationship. Both Bondita and Anirudh look at each other and at the same time they are shocked as well because it’s not easy to finish their relationship or bond. Meanwhile, Trilochan replies what rubbish they are saying can not happen between them at all because he does not let it happen at any cost.

After that, they refuse to accept whatever Trilocahn is saying and mentions if Anirudh does this so many people will follow him, through which this worst ritual would be stopped. Then Anirudh gets into thinking about what he should do now because at any cost he will have to stop this so that, society can improve. Then he takes the decision that he will give her divorce and release her from this relationship so that she can get back her freedom and can do whatever she wants.

Then Bondita gets worried and starts wondering that what will happen next because he took the decision to give her divorce. Her eyes fill with tears because it’s really tough for Bondita, but Anirudh will have to do this if he wants to finish this bad ritual from society. But now it’s interesting to watch that now what will be the name of their relationship because it too important and this twist has created a curiosity. So now at what type of interrogation Bondita is going to do with Anirudh.

Then Bondita says to Anirudh that why he is doing this meanwhile, Anirudh consoles her by saying that they will have to be separated. So that they can save many little girls life and somehow she agrees with him, and finally agrees to sign the divorce papers. From here many twists are ready to take place that how Anirudh will make her barrister in the future after finishing the relationship. So do not forget to watch it on Colors at 08:30 PM and for more updates stay connected with us.

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