The latest episode of Molkki starts with Anjali is appreciating Parakshi’s sharp mind. Anjali says that now she can take a relief breath. Just then Virender enters along with kids and Purvi and says now, you can’t be spent even a moment in peace till I am here. Anjali and Prakshi stunned hearing Virender. Virender keeps the black cloth in her hands and asks you are attempting to confiscate even your own house. He further says you even got the courage to punish my children. He yells how dare you to behave in a bad manner with my kids. Virender even discloses that he also came to know that Jyoti and Anjali were trying to steal Purvi’s jewellery. Virender again yells at Prakshi to clarify herself otherwise, it won’t be in her favour.

Molkki 12-4-2021 Episode

Anjali grabs Virender’s feet and pleads him to pardon her. She says that she committed all the mistakes in greed. She further says that she is accepting that she is a culprit but please don’t discard me from this house. Virender says that I have given you numerous chance already but still you are repeating the mistakes. But this time you have crossed your limits. Anjali then requests Purvi to pardon her, Purvi says that she hasn’t any issues with her. But it is the matter of kids and asks them for punishment.

Molkki 12th April

Kids say that they want to captivate Anjali in the same cell where she kept them. Later, Anjali is get taken to the cell and she is shouting Prakshi to save her. But all go waste while Prakshi is standing there perforce. Purvi locked Anjali in the cell and says don’t you try to punish my children ever again. Meanwhile, Virender received a call from the inspector and he informs him that all the kidnappers committed suicide.

Virender then tries to impress Purvi with gifts and notes and tells her that it’s been long since he never made a sketch. But now I am thinking one of you. Purvi gets surprised and says that you stopped sketching after Sakshi’s death what is going on in your mind now. Virender then takes Purvi and the kids to the fair. Anjali also goes to the fair by the help of Jyoti and again preparing a wicked plan to ruin Virender and the kids happy. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest Molkki written episode updates.

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