A great mess is going on in the latest episodes of Molkki, One of the thriving television show Molkki mounted with high voltage drama. The show is stringing all the right chords of entertainment and keeping the audience advance with the engagement. As of now, the show is going through an exciting and thrilling phase. The mysterious lady captivated by Prkashi and Anjali turns out as Virender’s first wife Sakshi. Coincidently she comes to Purvi to seek help and she sent her to NGO along with Sudha. While Virender has gone for a Gram Panchayat meeting, Purvi got kidnapped behind him.

Watch Molkki Written Today's Episode 5th April 2021: Anjali Locks Kids In DungeonIt was all planned by Prakashi and Anjali to kidnap and kill Purvi as she ruined their plan. Prakashi and Anjali trying to spoil Purvi character by showing her illegitimate relation with Karan. But Purvi with will and courage proved all the allegations false and become more valuable in Virender’s eyes. Anjali and Rakhi got fumed and get Purvi kidnapped by some goons.

While they are talking about Purvi’s killing, Manas overhears the conversation and tries to go after Prakashi and find out Purvi. Finally, they managed to find Purvi in Sakshi mills after much struggle and even tackle the goons. Sudha and Priyu reached Sakshi with Police and make the goons arrested. All of them are quite close to Purvi but again Prakashi managed to get Purvi kidnapped. The Police assure Sudha and Priyu that they will find Purvi soon.

Prakashi and Anjali went there with the purpose of Purvi killing trying to escape from the police. But the inspector called them while they are leaving stealthily and asks what are they doing there when he asked not to leave the mansion without his permission. Anjali gets scared but again Prakashi saved with her cleverness. When everyone returns home, Anjali scolds the kids and says that they won’t get food anymore. Both the kids also get teased by other students for Purvi.

Both the kids again planned to find Purvi and performed some extremely mischievous activities by which the Principal sent the home along with Anjali. He also reprimands Anjali badly for her carelessness. Later they also ruined Anjali’s party by tempering the foods with insects and frogs. Anjali finds out that Manas and Anjali are behind it. She locked both of them in the dungeon. Catch all the updates of the further episode of Molkki on Colors at 10 PM from Monday to Saturday. Stay with us for Molkki written episode update.

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