Anoop & Adoney Go To Jail


The upcoming episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam season 3 starts with where all housemates get tired from the weekly task in which they fought with other contestants. As everyone knows that they played the laundry task and after finishing the task they continue their argument for around two days, in the Bigg Boss house numerous fights and arguments took the place. It is one of the most excited and agonistic shows ever and their all reaction becomes a controversy and hence their fans curious to know about their activities.

Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 Weekend Latest Episode 3rd April 2021 Update: Anoop & Adoney Go To Jail

So in this recent episode, Bigg Boss has to choose all those contestants who performed worst in the laundry task they will be sent behind the prison. All housemates one-by-one took the name of those contestants who did not perform well, so Adoney, Sandhya, Anoop but it’s the first time that Dimple and Manikuttan do not take any contestants name for the punishment. But votes were overturned by the single vote of Adoney Kidilam Firoz took his name and a second name he took of Anoop.

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After that, Bigg Boss announces that take it seriously and vote for them and they all done the voting under which the culprit will be sent behind the prison. At the end of the voting, Adoney and Anoop had to go to jail Firoz also playing the game with his strategy so that he can make his journey secure ahead in the show. The new issue in the house has converted into a big argument and according to his game planning Sandhya, Kidilam Firoz Bhagyalakshmi & are the main targets, Firoz Khan.

In the previous episode of it as we could watch that Bhagyalakshmi got angry after hearing a derogatory remark from Firoz Khan. That if he will be the new captain so he will not let anybody go without finishing their work, and when she heard this she declared the hunger strike against him because he is making the food. But all the housemates tried to make her understand that it is not a solution of it so please have something otherwise it can affect her health.

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Then Bhagyalakshmi agreed with them and says that she has an apple and milk whenever she will eat this. Then she complaints to Bigg Boss that she did not like the statement which Froz said to her and she demands Bigg Boss that she wants that him to take back his statement and apologize to her. She expressed her anger towards him because it is not appropriate enough, so do not forget to watch it on the correct time and for more updates stay connected with us.



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