Anupam Kher Confirms Kirron Kher’s Blood Cancer Diagnosis: Check Live Updates


A well-known face of the Bollywood industry has collided with cancer, we are talking about former Bollywood actress and an active member of Lok Sabha (BJP) Kirron Kher, who has been diagnosed with blood cancer and this news is revealed by her star husband Anupam Kher. As per the latest reports, Anupam Kher tweeted that “Kirron Kher met with myeloma that is also known as Kahler’s disease (A type of blood cancer) and she is going under treatment and we all are damn sure that she will get overcome this”.

Kirron Kher cancer

Anupam Kher said that she has too many hearts and there is no doubt that people love her and she always been a fighter so she must win and defeat this disease. In one of his statements, he said “Kirron is being checked by one of the best doctor’s team and we all are blessed to have the team for her.

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You all must be keen to know that what is multiple myeloma so it’s a type of blood cancer that is also known as Kahler’s disease. Well, there are no remedies for it but with the help of treatments we can slow the speed of spreading this disease and it has hardly seen but sometimes symptoms disappear. A type of white blood cell is called a plasma cell that creates antibodies that go against infections in the body. When you get into multiple myeloma, these cells grow in the wrong way, where your body gets an excessive amount of protein (Immunoglobin) in your bones and in the blood that damages your organs. Well, there are so many other things to know about multiple myeloma you can check.

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It has seen that most artists get in touch with several types of cancers. As we have seen that there are plenty more cases in India and mostly those faces collide with this, due to hectic lifestyle and in today’s modern era this is the main reason people are meeting with new types of diseases. We hope that she will be fine as soon as possible, lets pray for her. To get more further updates stay tuned.

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