In the latest episode of Anupamaa, we are watching Samar going for his dance competition waiting for her dresses that have to sent by Kinjal. At the time he is missing his mother and feeling low as his parents are getting divorced. He then thinks that Vanraj give the right place to Anupama, so, it might be better for Anupama will take divorce from Vanraj. Along with all that he also thinks if Vanraj convinces Anupama to cancel the divorce. He thinks why all these things are affecting him. Meanwhile, Nandini comes there and Samar hugs her and says that it is better that you come here as I am feeling low and alone.


At the home, Baa and Rakhi are assuming that Kinjal is up the duff and both getting excited that soon a small member is going to add to the family. Anupama contacts Rakhi video call and asks if everything fine there, Rakhi narrates everything that happened with Kinjal in the morning. At first, Anupama gets scared a bit for Kinjal but later gets elated when she came to know that Kinjal and Toshu expecting a baby. Rakhi congratulates her and says that we both going to be grandmothers soon.

Anupama asks if the news is confirmed, Rakhi says that it will after the test. But Baa says that she is confirmed that Kinjal is pregnant. Kinjal overhears that conversation and starts weeping. Baa says that Kinjal is ecstatic, Kinjal heads to her room saying that she can’t be pregnant. After a while, Anupama calls Kinjal and make her understand that being a mother is a great responsibility. In between Rakhi says that Kinjal hasn’t prepared yet to be a mother. Kinjal says that Toshu and her have to focus on their career. Rakhi tries to convince Kinjal.

Kavya is heading to the resort and her car breaks down, she noticed the police and goes to them and says that her husband is in difficulty and she has to go there. But the inspector asks her to return as they can’t allow going further. Rakhi there takes Kinjal to the hospital. Kavya is going mad and goes to the priest and asks for the sacred time, but the priest tells her that their marriage can’t happen and Kavya stands stunned. The episode ends, stay tuned with Social Telecast for Anupama written update.

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