Anupama 1st April 2021 Written Episode Vanraj Gives Anupamaa Lemonade to Cure Hangover


In the latest episode of Anupamaa, we will watch that Anupama wakes up the next morning and Vanraj gives her lemonade to cure her hangover. Vanraj then asks Anupama if he is Lambu Muchad Shah, Anupama again apologised Vanraj. She then goes to Baa and regrets the last night as she was inebriated as she drunk Bhang unintentionally.  But Baa says everything she told them wouldn’t be withdrawn. Pakhi says that she didn’t spare everyone and scold even Vanraj. Anupama feels disgraced and trying to say that she is not in her senses. Baa says you are looking for revenge for 25 years.



The entire family is pranking with Anupama and started laughing. Anupama again apologised to everyone. Bapuji says that he isn’t angry with her but felt abashed. Anupama hugs Baa and she asks her to get ready. Anupama then suddenly recalls that she expressed her feeling for Vanraj. Kavya on another side sending bride attire for the wedding to Vanraj. Vanraj calls her and says that Anupama inebriated and got intoxicated yesterday. But Kavya didn’t listen to him and says that we gonna marry soon. Vanraj says that if you made up your mind that much so, then I will come on a horse or choose a chopper to come to the wedding venue.

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While the complete Shah family arrives for breakfast and Anupama is blushing and seeing Vanraj. But asks her no to need to shy that much. Baa signs to Pakhi and suggests going on a family holiday. Just then Vanraj received a courier and Pakhi there and says she should arrange everything for vacations. Baa says that they will go on vacations with the entire family for sure. Baa and Pakhi are arranging the time for Anupama and Vanraj to spend together so they will discard their decision of divorce.

Anupama again goes to Vanraj and apologises to him for whatever he did. Vanraj says that it doesn’t matter and informs her that the lawyer has sent a notice to come to court after 2 days regarding their divorce. While everyone in the family is getting excited about the vacations. Anupama and Vanraj try to inform them but no one listens to them. Anupama and Vanraj remembering the old days and doubting their decision. Vanraj says that he can’t go for a picnic in such a condition. But Anupama suggests going on vacations and ends things as they started. They both decided to go on vacation with family.

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