The complete Shah family awestruck when the Police come to their home and asks Anupama to identify Vanraj’s phone. He later tells Anupama that they find this mobile phone near a dead body and you shall have to identify the dead body. Anupama shocked to hear this, but by collecting courage he goes to the van and tells that it is not Vanraj. They all take a sigh of relief, just then Anupama along with the rest of the family members went to find Vanraj. Anupama is looking for Vanraj all around but she hasn’t found him. She got exhausted and sits on a bench.

Anupamaa Today's Episode

Toshu and Nandini return home empty-handed as they don’t find Vanraj. Even Samar returns disappointingly. Kavya goes to Anupama there and started talking non-sense. Anupama assures her while tying a thread on her wrist that she won’t interfere between Vanraj and her after the divorce. Just the Anupama gets a call and she gets emotional and says yes. Toshu asks about the call, Anupama replies that there is a man who informed that Vanraj is fine and in a wellness resort.

All rushes to the wellness resort and Kavya also show her consent to come along with her. But Anupama makes her understand that they aren’t sure and can’t believe in the call completely. She says remember her promise and thread. Toshu and Anupama reached the resort and enquiry about Vanraj on reception they handover the map and asks them to find yogi Advaith. They both found it difficult to find yogi because it is a huge resort. Anupama also get fumes and says what was the need to come here. Kavya there is getting immensely worried as Anupama hasn’t informed her about Vanraj.

Anupama and Toshu then meet Advaith Khanna and get amazed at his personality. But, eventually, Toshu gets to know how famous and reputed Advaith is. He then says that Vanraj appreciates your food a lot and by the smells of Masala he can say that she is Anupama. Anupama later finds Vanraj sitting on the grass and gets emotional.

She goes to her and bursts out and says you have any idea how scared we are by your careless behaviour. Vanraj stands aside and says that he doesn’t want to talk right now. He says that he won’t return home until he understands what he needs to do. But just then Anupama collapses and Vanraj rushes to Anupama while Advaith examines Anupama.

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