Anupama Sits On Vanraj’s Bike


In the latest episode of Anupamaa, the complete Shah family is excited about the family holiday. Pakhi goes to Nandini and informs her about their plan. Pakhi further says that Baa and she have decided to go on a family vacation by which Vanraj and Anupama will get more time to spend together. Nandini says that it is a pretty nice plan. While Pakhi is telling the plan to Nandini, Kavya overhears their conversations, she comes to Nandini and asks if Pakhy says something more about picnic but Nandini manipulates the things. Kavya thinks that she has to be attentive. As she can never trust Vanraj’s family before he takes divorces Anupama.

Anupamaa Read Written Episode Today's 2nd April 2021: Anupama Sits On Vanraj's BikeRakhi is going somewhere in his car and recalling Pakhi’s words when she was calling herself the alternative mother in law of Kinjal. She thinks that Anupama’s presence is quite necessary for that house Kinjal otherwise Kavya will get irritated by Kinjal in the office as she is her senior and will take revenge in the house to Kinjal. Rakhi calls Baa and comes to know that the entire Shah family is going on vacation and Vanraj and Anupama are going there along with them.

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Kavya comes to Vanraj and says that she is tolerating things until their divorce finalized after that she won’t bear all that. Everyone is thinking that Baa and Pakhi’s plan get succeed. Vanraj then returns to his room and thinks he was waiting to take a divorce from Anupama and now when the time has come they both aren’t feeling good. The family gathers to leave for the trip and just then Anupama comes wearing a suit. Vanraj gets astonished seeing her.


He also praised her and says why didn’t you wear a suit earlier. Anupama recalls that he reprimands her for wearing suits and nighties. Vanraj says that preference has changed over time. Vanraj and Anupama go to family and sees that everyone sits in the car and Baa asks Vanraj and Anupama to come on Bike.

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Anupama hesitates, but Baa insists on Anupama and says if she doesn’t want she and Bapuji can come on the bike. Later, Vanraj and Anupama both get to agree and leave on the bike. Just the Baa intentionally get the car punctured and also bribed the mechanic to disappear for a while. Kavya comes and sees what is going on, she fumes knowing the family’s plan.

She angrily calls Vanraj and Anupama but Baa and Pakhi already took their mobiles from them. Vanraj and Anupama enjoying their bike ride and talking about old times. Vanraj stops the bike midway and asks Anupama to hold him tightly otherwise we might meet with an accident. Kavya frequently calling Vanraj. The episode ends, stay tuned with Social Telecast for Anupama’s written updates.

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