The latest episode of Anupamaa is going to starts along with Kavya is furiously murmuring about Vanraj and Anupama as they haven’t returned yet. While Pakhi and Baa are determined and eager to get to know whether they are sailing on the same boat or the situation is still the same. Nandini there is noticing Kavya is stressed because of Vanraj. She suggests her to calm down and trust Vanraj. Kinjal is also getting a bit tense because of Vanraj and Anupama. In between all this Anirudh calls Kavya and asks for NOC for home transfer. He then asks Kavya if she is crying or has a quarrel with Vanraj, but Kavya hung up the call.

Anupamaa Check Today's 5th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Anirudh Consoles KavyaAnupama along with Vanraj looking for their family in the resort and think why haven’t they reach her yet. Vanraj borrows a phone from the watchman and decides to call home. Kinjal picks up the call and asks her why they haven’t reached her yet, Kinjal replies that they are at home as their car broke down before leaving and Baa complains about knee pain so they stay at home. While they are talking Pakhi informs that there is a protest going on due to which all roads are blocked. Kinjal informs Vanraj the same, Baa also got to know the same and starts dancing.

At Nandini’s house, Kavya opens the door after hearing the doorbell thinking of Vanraj. But it is Anirudh instead of Vanraj. Anirudh says that he comes here as she is tensed and he also knows that all of her problems are related to Vanraj. Kavya bursts out of tears and hugs him. Anirudh tries to console her. Anupama gets tensed and asks Vanraj what will they do now and how can they return home.

Kavya broke down in Anirudh arms and says that no one respect and value the second woman. Baa there is praying to God to stop this divorce. Anirudh tries to console Kavya and tells her that she avoiding love and accepting the insecurity that is why she is facing all these problems. The next morning Vanraj is returning home along with Anupama and asks how they going to tell the family about their divorce. Kavya is planning to disclose Vanraj and Anupama divorce date to the family. The episode ends and stays in the loop for further Anupama Written Episode Updates.

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