In the latest episode of Anupamaa, Mamaji and Bapuji are enjoying eating popcorn and discussing that there is quiet peace in the house for a few days. Just then Kavya enters and asks them if they are missing entertainment while eating popcorn. Bapuji says that there is no one at home right now so better come later.  Just then Mamaji taunts that she is Didi’s made Ki Katori and asks her not to create any drama in her absence. Kavya again comes with a reply and says that she is unaware of the drama which is going on behind her.

Anupamaa Written 14th April 2021 Episode Update: Pakhi Slaps Kabir TonightBapuji asks what is, Kavya says that she will tell everything to wait till Baa comes. Kavya later says ill words for Pakhi and Bapuji warns her to mind her words. She asks Bapuji if you know where is Pakhi, Mamaji says that she is studying in her room. Kavya shows her video and asks who is in the video then. Bapuji and Mamaji rush to Pakhi’s room and opens her room and stunned seeing that Pakhi is not her in the room.

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Kavya discloses that Pakhi went to her friends’ party and that is too without informing them. Pakhi there is dancing along with her friends at the party and while dancing one of her friends spills a cold drink on another friend. All the friends leave Pakhi and Kabir alone on the floor. Bapuji calls Pakhi, but she didn’t answer the call, Kavya again tries to provoke Bapuji and Mamaji.


Bapuji calls Kinjal and asks if she has any information about Pakhi’s friend Kabir. Kinjal asks she knows but nothing much. Kabir there is trying to get close to Pakhi and she senses that what is going on. Kavya there thinks that everyone is busy finding Pakhi and it would be a great opportunity to steal Vanraj and Anupama divorce agreement. Mamaji and Bapuji are waiting for Kinjal’s call.

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Mamiji says that she is not feeling good for Pakhi right now. Mamaji and Bapuji are worrying for Pakhi a lot. Kabir holds Pakhi tightly and says that he likes her a lot. Pakhi gets scared and tries to free herself but all go in vain. Kabir continues misconducting with her and finally, Pakhi pushes him away. Kabir is about to slap her but she stops and slaps him twice.

Pakhi leaves from there. Just then Pakhi returns home and feeling guilty. Bapuji and Mamaji take a relief breath seeing her. Pakhi narrates the entire incident that happened to her and apologises. Vanraj and Anupama returning home. The episode ends, stay tuned with Social Telecast for further Anupamaa written updates.

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