The latest episode of Anupama starts with Samar brings his trophy home and everyone gets elated seeing it. Samar greets his mother and she asks to show his trophy, Samar as you say my majesty, Anupama suggests Samar doesn’t get overconfident with this victory as this is the first milestone and we have a long way to go. Samar promises his mother that he never become arrogant of this. They both hug each other and dance together seeing the trophy again.

Anupamaa Written Episode April 17th 2021 Latest Update: Vanraj And Kavya ArgueSamar leaves and just then Anupama recalls that she must inform Samar that there are only two days to go for me and Vanraj’s divorce. Samar later goes to Bapuji and shows his trophy to him, Bapuji says that he already knew that he would be the most deserving winner of the league. Samar says that he didn’t have any other choice instead to winning the lottery because of Anupama. He says along with Anupama Vanraj also calls him and encourages him when he needs it the most.

Bapuji says that he is elated that Samar started understanding his responsibilities. Bapuji says Anupama will be blessed to have a son like you. Bapuji also tells everything that happened behind her as Vanraj and Anupama stuck in the resort due to curfew. Nandini there sees Kavya is packing her stuff and preparing to go somewhere. Nandini asks the same if she is going somewhere, Kavya denies and says that only two days to go for Vanraj’s divorce and she will shift to his house.

She further says that her way is going to clear when Anupama leaves that house and I will assure you that after you can also marry Samar. Nandini gets shocked hearing Kavya’s words and says that you are going insane. At the same time, Vanraj enters and get agreed with Nandini. Kavya gets fumes and asks why are you supporting Nandini. Vanraj says if she continues to behave like this then soon everyone starts calling her psycho.

He further asks what needs of made an announcement of my divorce date. Kavya says that you didn’t even inform me about that, Vanraj says that he comes here for a different purpose and warns her to stay away from him and his family for two days. He further says that he doesn’t want any drama for two days. Anupama informs Samar and about her divorce date. Catch the complete episode updates of Anupama on Star Plus and stay in the loop for further Anupama written updates.

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