Apna Time Bhi Ayga is one of the television shows in charge of amusing the audience to the next level. The show is going high and enhancing its rating on the TRP list with each of its passing episodes. The title of the show has been derived from the Bollywood blockbuster Gully Boy. But the show is narrating the story of an ordinary but brilliant girl who is a school topper and an optimistic who is fond of becoming successful in her life. She is quite dedicated to her dream of becoming an engineer and she wants to achieve them all.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th April 2021 Today's Written Episode: Will Veer Find Rani?Rani is a small-town girl living in Balia along with his brother and her grandmother. her father is serving as a servant under the queen of the state while her mother is no more in this world. While coming to the latest episode of the show we will watch that Rani has got kidnapped. Kumud recalls the previous incident and finds that Rani is not present in her room. She rushed downstairs and informs everyone that Rani isn’t in her room.

Everyone gets tensed and just the Veer received a call from the kidnappers and asks him to release Rajeshwari if he wants to get Rani back completely fine. Veer gets tensed for Rani and trying to sort out the things. Along with Rani, Veer he is also getting worried for Rajeshwari as she is behind the bars. Veer seems no way to coming out of all these problems. He tries to figure out the real main culprit. He tries to collect evidence and goes to Rani’s room as she was present in her room last time. On the other hand, Rajmata is also concerning for Rani and asks her to find her soon.

Veer goes to Rani’s room and finds a piece of cloth was there, he assumes that it must belong to the kidnaper. He is also getting tensed he didn’t receive the second call of the goons. Veer many concerns for Rani and getting worried for her. In between all this Veer received another call from the kidnapper, he pleads with them to talk to Rani. Kidnappers allow Rani to talk to veer, Rani pleads her save her from here. Veer console her and assures her that he will take her out of all this.

7th April 2021 Written Update

The new episode of the show starts with Jai says to Rani Veer is letting me down and you are unable to do anything. Just then Nandini calls him and asks about him. He uncovers his mask and says I am Jai, he says that he is in between crucial things along with that he is also keeping an eye on Rani. Nandini asks if you are behind her kidnapping, he asks did you say something. But Nandini manipulates the things and says that I am thinking of assisting you, Jai says that he is aiding Veer. Nandini says that she is going to tell Veer. Jai says that she is doing it for sake of Rani Sa.

Later, Rajmata calls Sanjay and asks for updates, he replies that he is trying to make contact with the minister. She further asks about the family members. Sanjay informs that all is fine. Sanjay asks if you know something you haven’t mention yes. She denies it and suggests him focusing on the meeting with the minister. Just then Veer enters home and Rajmata asks about Rani. Veer informs her that they shift Rani somewhere else and gave us 48 hours to fulfil their demand.

Veer says that is quite bemused about what to do, Rajmata starts weeping and asks Veer to save Rani anyhow. Ramo calls Birju and veer says that he will call you later and take care of her and provide everything she needs. Birju also says that inform me anything you get to know Rani. Rajmata is still crying and Veer consoles her and assures her that he will return with Rani. In the next scene, Kiara insists Rajmata eat food, Kumud also tries to make her have some food and reminds her that you always say that food comes first and also asks Veer to eat.

Veer also insists her to eat. Kumud shares some old incidents and says that whenever Veer refuses to food in his childhood. We used to hide food in the toys and at the time when he plays with the toys, he forgets the things and eats the food. He again asks him to eat the food. But now, Vanraj yells to stop all this. But at the same time Veer apologises to Kumud and says that he can’t think anything instead of Rani.

Later, Rani says Veer has to come to me as she wants to return to her family. Kumud becomes emotional and at the same time, Rajamata comes there and asks Kumud but still, he asks Rajmata if she needs everything and says that he brings Paratha to her. But Kumud says that you are consoling everyone since this happened to us. Rajmata says that she is compelled to do so and can’t disclose the truth right now.

Rajeshwari there is in the jail where all the prisoner is shouting for food as it stinks. Rajeshwari says that a hair is in the food. She asks for another from the constable, but he replies to better off than eat. All the prisoners started making fun of Rajeshwari and says her to eat or you will die starving. Jai says we will see if your husband comes or not and Rani replies that she is sure that she will come. Veer is trying to getting to know about Rani and reminds his pleasing moments along with Rani.

Veer hears her voice just then Vikram comes and asks do I resembling like Chochak, Veer question that he didn’t know about that. Vikram then says that he has got your snacks. Veer says that he doesn’t;t want anything. But Vikara insists he grabs the snacks. He mimics Rani and Vikram says that you have to eat for Rani’s sake and Veer have the snacks. Vikram says that the entire police department is seeking Rani so, don’t worry we will find her soon.

In the precap, Vikram is crying and asks Veer that Rajeshwari is returning home Veer hugs him. The inspector informs Veer that the kidnapper is aware of every move of us earlier. He further says that if he won’t back Rajeshwari in the next 25 hours then we will get Rani’s corpse. Veer tells Vijay he doesn’t care whatever will happen he will find Rani anyhow. He says that he will punish the kidnapper and won’t dare to commit such a crime again.

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