In the latest episode of Apna Time Bhi Aayega You will watch some more crispy and dramatic twists but to know further you must be swim about the previous episode. As you all have watched in the previous episode that kidnappers say to Veer that they won’t leave Rani Sa alive if Rajeshwari does not come out of the jail and that too just in 24 hours. Veer gets angry at kidnappers saying leave Rani Sa otherwise things won’t get good. Birju says to them not to hurt her, but kidnappers hurt her and hung up the call.

Apna Time bhi Aayega

Rajmata thinks about the kidnapping incident and starts crying. Birju gets a strange feeling and he doubts on Rajvat Family behind the kidnapping, Veer thinks that how kidnappers can enter the house in spite of having this much securities when they were talking about this suddenly Champa says 2 electricians came into the house perhaps they are the part of the kidnapping. Veer recalls that Rani’s health is not well and gets concerned about her. Vikram says should we inform Digvijay about her kidnapping, Veer replies that no we should not do this at least not now.

In tonight’s episode you will watch, Veer gets worried he looks around and says there must be some proof that can help us about this we just have to find that. Veer gets worried and says we have to do something as soon as possible because anything can happen and we should not wait for that. Veer starts searching for the clue, and he sees Rani’s broken bangle and her watch, and again he starts crying recalling her. When Veer cries Birju comes there and says could you please stop this drama.

Vikram gets angry and asks him what you want to say? He replies I think that maybe you are the mastermind behind this. Rajmata says to him in anger “do you have any idea what are you saying”?  he replies how can she got kidnapped from the place that is her own house. Kiara says “how could we get aware of that”? Birju blames her and says you did it, because you all think that your mom is behind the bars just because of Rani so there is no doubt that you did it just to take revenge of that. Veer stops him and says just stop putting lame blame I will go and get Rani back to the house. Kiara says that kick Birju out of the house why you are having this man over here. Well, this is not the end you have to watch it on TV so that you will get all the stuff and that too briefly. Stay tuned to get all the latest updates on this amazing television show.

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