Zee TV launched a serial having an amazing storyline on 20th October 2020. The show was introduced by Abhijeet Sinha who understood the feelings of the viewers regarding what kind of show they want to see. The daily soap has been running strongly for so many months. Started with a daughter struggling to earn respect for her and her father, the viewers are currently seeing the track of Rani getting kidnapped. Let’s jump directly into today’s written episode of the serial. It begins with Veer. He gets worried about Rani.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega Today's Written Episode 14th April 2021: Veer Suspects The KidnappersIt was shown in the previous episode that Veer, Vikram and Bihari made a plan to fulfil the demand of the kidnappers. They manage to release Rajeshwari from jail. Veet calls the kidnappers and informs them that he has released Rajeshwrai and now it’s his turn to return Rani. Though the kidnapper gave Veer a shock saying Rani ran away from their trap.

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However, it was a complete lie as Rani was still with them. Now, Veer thinks about Rani and gets sad that where she could be if she is not with the kidnappers. As the story proceeds further, Veer gets suspicious about the kidnappers. On another side, Rani misses Veer. She thinks about “Gudi Padwa” as if she would be at home then she must be keeping fast for Veer.


Since Jai Singh has kidnapped Rani, the latter will make an attempt to escape from there. She will get success as well but Jai Singh and his men will find her and will bring her back to the location. Jai Singh is doing this because he wants to create troubles between Rani and Veer. It looks like he even has succeeded in the plan as the couple has gotten far from each other. Veer will eventually decide to find out more about the kidnapper as he doesn’t trust him.

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Veer thinks to decode the identity of the kidnapper. He focuses on the number the kidnapper is using to call. He thinks that if he found out who is behind the number then the entire case will be solved and he will bring Rani back. This track has entertained many and is continuing to do the same. Let’s see if Veer succeeds to save Rani tonight. To witness the catchy and suspense-filled episode, do watch Apna Time Bhi Aayega on Zee TV and get the daily Written Episode Updates of the serial from here.



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